its business!

Insecto is a contact and gastric acaricide for protection against rodent and sucking pests



A devastating blow
to insects!

Insecto-acaricide with high biological activity for controlling a wide range of pests



on target!

Contact insecticide for the destruction of pests on conifers

Ratybor Bio

Ratybor Bio

The titular
bug weapon!

Highly effective, low-toxic insecticide of systemic and contact action against the Colorado potato beetle

Destruction of pests is one of the important measures in  the complex protection system of garden, decorative and field crops during the growing season. Drugs used to control pests are called insecticides.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of insecticides that differ in composition, purpose and method of application. Their use is expedient both during the period of active pest control and for the purpose of carrying out preventive measures.

Drugs against plant pests: secrets of influence

Insecticides are divided into contact and systemic insecticidesThe first work upon contact with pests, the second are absorbed by the plant, spread to all its cells and destroy pests while feeding on the  last ones

Insects die during direct contact with the drug or when it is ingested with food.

Today, the market offers many options for pest control: from systemic and contact preparations to combined ones, which guarantee optimal protection of your crops from annoying insects.

Five reasons to start treating your garden with insecticides against pests

Every owner dreams of choosing an effective remedy against garden pests.

Why is it necessary to treat plant protecting tools against insects:

  • Fast action of drugs, in contrast to folk remedies for the destruction of pests.
  • Prolonged action of insecticides, especially systemic action, which provides protection against insects for up to 2 months.
  • Protection of young shoots and leaves that appear already after processing.
  • Many of the drugs are resistant to rain and safe for beneficial fauna and bees.

Modern insecticides are a great way to protect crops from pests.

How to spray insecticides safely

The first rule is to choose an effective and proven drug. Work with any chemical must be based on full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following in the annotation:

  • application method;
  • application norms;
  • safety measures

Do not hesitate, use insecticides – and your plants will definitely thank you.

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