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Systemic insecticidal and fungicidal treatment for protection against diseases and pests

Pre-sowing treatment of seed material with poisons is one of the innovative ways to protect the future harvest. The use of poisons for seedlings makes it possible to destroy pathogenic organic matter at the stage of sowing in the soil.

Antitoxins disinfect the seed material and protect the plant at the beginning of its development. They also contribute to the better development of the plant and create stable conditions for it in any weather.

There are targeted and combined poisons. The first drugs protect the seeds, for example, from diseases or infections. The composition of the second one includes several components, such poisons have a wider spectrum of action.
Potato poison: protection in homesteads
Traditionally, the bulk of potatoes are grown on country plots. The amount of the crop is not only its weight. It is important to ensure its commercial appearance.

During the growing season, the plant experiences stress caused by diseases, pests or adverse weather conditions. Therefore, treatment of tubers before planting in the soil should be mandatory.

It is important to apply the drug correctly and choose the right concentration, so be sure that you need to pay attention to the rate of consumption, the method of processing and follow them.

In addition, the poison protects potatoes from unwanted microorganisms during their storage.
Advantages of seed treatment
To get a good harvest, poisoners will help. Those who process potatoes, seeds, and seedlings before planting in open ground do not have problems with diseases and pests that enter the garden along with the planting material.
Etching guarantees:

Protection against diseases: destruction of seed and soil infections.
Increasing the energy of seed germination.
Stimulation of the development of the root system and improvement of the properties of the leaves of the plant.
Increasing the yield of vegetable and grain crops.
improving the quality of the obtained crops.
Reducing the negative impact of pesticides on the environment: treatment with fungicides and insecticides by spraying methods causes more damage than treating seeds before planting in the soil.

Life hack: treating the seed material before planting allows you to reduce the pesticide load on the plant throughout the growing season.

Treat your crops with respect – and they will thank you with good, high-quality crops.

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