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Surface-active substance that reduces the surface tension of drug solutions, improves wetting of plants and promotes better penetration of active substances into the plant



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If you want to improve product quality and increase yields, you should pay attention to plant adhesives.
Poor-quality spraying of plants leads to the appearance of pests and diseases even after several treatments with plant protection products. And, as a result, the yield decreases and you do not get the desired result.

So what to do? Add an adhesive to each spraying! Correct protection of plants, namely spraying with the addition of an adhesive, allows you to get the maximum result.

What is an adhesive for plants: the secret of popularity

During the treatment of plants with pesticides, we encounter the fact that the working solution does not stay on the plant and simply flows to the ground. This unwise consumption of pesticides is not good for the crops being sprayed or for humans.

In order for the solution to be evenly distributed over the plant and to remain on it until it is completely absorbed or dried, an adhesive is added to it. It literally contributes to the “sticking” of the working solution to the plant.

Spray adhesive is a drug that is actively used in crop production, because its use reduces the rate of application of pesticides and fertilizers.
Five reasons to use plant adhesives
The benefit of using surfactants (surfactants) is obvious because the adhesive has the following advantages:

reduces the surface tension of the liquid;
improves wetting and promotes uniform spreading of liquid over the surface of the plant, helps to process even hard-to-reach places;
increases the effectiveness of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides;
protects the plant from the negative effects of weather conditions;
the adhesive protects the sprayer from excessive contamination with chemical residues and reduces the risk of clogged nozzles.

When to use plant adhesive
The adhesive is used for:

seed treatment before sowing;
soaking plant roots and seedlings before planting in open ground;
growing treatments in a complex with pesticides and microfertilizers.

Make it a habit to use the sticker – help the plant protection agents to spread better and stay longer on the plants.

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