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Ready-to-use bait for killing rats and mice

How to defeat rodents and what should we use for this?

The question is quite complicated. Mice cause a lot of damage: they destroy crops in the fields, damage fruit trees and already harvested crops, gnaw plant roots during the growing season, etc.

Previously, arsenic was used to fight rodents, now preference is given to its compounds – arsenite and calcium arsenate, which gave rise to a new class of effective substances for plant protection – rodenticides (from the Latin Rodent – rodent, caedo – to kill).

What are rodenticides?

Special chemicals designed to destroy rodent infestations and protect crops  from them are called rodenticides. These are highly effective drugs that destroy mice, rats and voles.

Rodenticides are innovative means for the destruction of rodents, which provide 100% results in a short period of time. Before starting to use the drug, conduct an examination of the area for the presence of pits

The toxicity of rodenticides should be remembered and the containers should be placed carefully to avoid other warm-blooded animals from eating the drug.

Correct use of rodenticides’

The safety of people and pets must come first! Consider the following rules for working with rodenticides:

Dispose of rodenticides in special containers, taking into account the dosage norms indicated by the manufacturer.

Apply a sufficient amount of the drug, based on the instructions and the degree of rodent infestation. Few spots with this drug or a very large distance between them will not give the desired effect.

After the first decomposition, check the containers for rodenticides. If rodents have eaten the drug, add it to the specified maximum. Rodents should receive a lethal dose within the first 24 hours.

Wear protective gloves. After working with the drug, wash your hands and face.

Follow personal safety measures. And know that if the volume of the amount does not decrease for several days, you have won: the entire population of rodents has been destroyed.

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