Lavender Сare

Lavender Сare

Lavender is an unpretentious plant, however, like any plant, it needs proper and timely care.


In the spring, nitrogen fertilizers should be applied to the lavender bushes, but no more than 5 liters should be applied to each bush in accordance with the usage norms indicated on the package. The next feeding should be carried out after 2 weeks. Before flowering, in the summer, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are applied twice. In the summer, you need to carry out several weeding from weeds, but before the bushes drop their seeds. After that, you can already start soil loosening.


Lavender is a plant that loves wet soil. But too frequent watering can lead to the death and rotting of the root system, so you should set your own watering regime depending on the weather conditions, it is better to water when the soil above becomes dry and hard. The optimal amount of watering is once a week. However, young plants need hydration more often, and older plants – less often.


Pruning lavender should be done in stages:

  • In spring – pruning is carried out when the ground is well warmed and the air temperature is above 10 °C – this is actually in the first half of April, because at the temperature the plants need time to wake up and let new sprouts grow. At this time, it is worth removing damaged and dry branches and frozen sprouts. Cut off the herbage of the shoot, approximately 3 cm above the wooden part.
  • In summer – you can trim at the beginning of flowering, in the middle and when the bush loses its decorative appearance. But it should be held by the end of July. After flowering, all the flowers are cut off at once, this is approximately 1/3 of the bush.
  • In the fall, it is better to cut lavender after the first frosts, it is not necessary to cut drastically, forming a bush in the form of a ball and cutting only buds and green sprouts. It is important that if you cut the bush too early, for example, in September, then this can provoke the growth of shoots, which will not have time to become woody before December.


Lavender should be covered in winter. You can cover it with spruce branches, and put a non-woven covering material on top of it, but not a plastic wrap.

Follow all the rules of care and lavender will decorate not only your garden, but also give you pleasant and amazing aromas!

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