Lavender breeding

Lavender breeding

Every gardener wants his garden to be not only well-kept, but also filled with many plants.

Lavender bushes are one of the popular shrubs that are planted in plots, because they not only have a pleasant smell, but also reproduce easily.

Lavender can be reproduced by:

1. The grafting process

The grafting process can be carried out both in autumn and in spring. In autumn, lavender does not spend energy on growth, so it takes root faster. The grafting process is better to be carried out at temperatures above zero. After this procedure, the warm temperature should be maintained for about a month. Therefore, the reproduction process should be planned in advance. It is believed that September is the most optimal month for grafting, as the desired thermal regime is maintained.

Lavender is best propagated from 2-3 year old bushes. In order to propagate lavender by The grafting process, it is necessary to prepare cuttings 7-12 cm long, the stem should have 4-7 shoots.

When planting, the wooden part must be completely immersed in the ground.
Before planting in the soil, cuttings should be treated with a special solution that will promote the root growth. When choosing a planting site, preference should be given to the sunny side, because lavender is a heat-loving plant.



The bush of the lavender is divided into several parts, so that each part includes at least 4-5 stems. After division, the lavender is immersed in a hole, the width of which should be 2 times wider than its root system.A phosphorus-potassium mixture should be added to the bottom of the hole, and the top of the hole should be filled with earth, which should be well tamped to allow air to escape, and watered with water.


It is best to sow seeds in open ground:

  • in autumn – in regions with warm winters;
  • in spring – in regions with cold temperature conditions.

Sowing should be done in fertilized and loosened soil. If it is too wet, you should add sand. Holes should be made 3-4 cm deep.In winter, it is necessary to insulate the plant, because it is very heat-loving and can die at low temperatures.

Propagate lavender bushes correctly and then every year your bushes will grow!

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