Ways of Freezing Herbs

Ways of Freezing Herbs

Real housewives know how important it is to prepare herbs for the winter. This makes it possible to nourish the body with necessary vitamins and useful substances, when it is almost impossible to get fresh and natural products.

Why do you need to freeze herbs?

Almost any herbs are suitable for freezing, although it is not recommended to freeze green onions and salads, because they have a delicate structure that loses its appearance after freezing.

Advantages of freezing herbs:

  • vitamins and qualities of herbs are preserved;
  • taste and aroma are not lost;
  • it is possible to compactly store products;
  • you can use herbs at any moment.

How to prepare herbs?

Herbs must be meticulously washed with cold water, sorted and dried. If you planned to freeze the herbs in bunches, it is necessary to remove the stalk in advance.

Ways of freezing herbs.

There are four ways to freeze herbs:

  1. Whole bundles

This method is suitable for further decorating ready-made dishes or tea brewing. For this, the bundle is placed in plastic wrap, foil or a plastic bag. In this form, you can freeze any herb – from mint to dill. For convenience, it is recommended to store several twigs in separate bags to use one portion of greens at a time.

  1. Sliced

Pre-chopped leaves save time when cooking. Chopped leaves gives you the flexibility to freeze one kind of herb or prepare a mix. In this case, it is more convenient to store in portions.

  1. Ice cubes

The chopped herb is placed in ice molds and filled with water. Ice cubes are used when preparing the first and second hot dishes. Mint or lemon balm leaves, for example, can be used for cosmetic purposes on the face and neck.

  1. In oil

With the addition of oil, spicy herbs are frozen, used to flavor hot dishes in which oil is an important ingredient. These are thyme, tarragon, basil, thyme, cumin, and garlic cloves. The freezing method is the same as with ice cubes, the only difference is that warm oil is added instead of water.

Frozen herbs are an ideal product for filling soups and other hot dishes. Greens can be added to sauces and breakfasts – they can be used for any purpose. The main thing is to remember important rules: you can defreeze greens only once and it is better to store them in the freezer for up to one year. Otherwise, the products will begin to lose their useful properties.


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